A downloadable game for macOS, Linux, and Android

This is the forum downtime funtime adventure project that we worked on while the Double Fine forums were being upgraded.

It's not quite yet ready for prime time, but we decided to do pre-release builds so you could try the game out as it's being made in real time.

To see all the people who worked on this game, check out the contributor roster. We still happily accept anyone who wants to contribute to this game.

Artists, writers, and musicians are wanted just as much as programmers. :)

The source code is available on github. If you'd like to help out, feel free to check out the wiki and the issue tracker, where you can see what's been done and what's still needed.

Thanks in advance for trying out this preview build and, special thanks to anyone wishes to contribute to this project. I hope you have as much fun playing around with it as we did making it. :)


The downloads below were built from the in-development codebase. The game isn't yet complete, but temporary text endings have been put in place to make it playable.


adventure-2016-08-08-osx.zip 22 MB
adventure-2016-08-08-win32.zip 9 MB
adventure-2016-08-08-linux.tar.gz 12 MB

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