The Lost Dev Team 2017-05-14_2e71130


This build includes everything added to the project over the past 30 days, including the menu and logo art that uses concept art by Cheeseness, JenniBee, and lightsoda, the background and character art by JenniBee, music by Anenome and JenniBee, sound effects by kyle3wynn and JenniBee, and the moving platform system by flesk.

It also incorporates pieces of the Platformer Starter by The Tutorial Doctor as well as the Kinematic Character Example by Juan Linietsky, Ariel Manzur, and the Godot Engine contributors.


Use left and right keys for player movement, and either the up or space key to jump. Character abilities can be used with the control key, and the enter key is used to exit tutorials.

Known Issues

  • No character animation
  • Foreground and moving platform art sometimes doesn't line up properly with the background art.

Get The Lost Dev Team Demo (Updated 05-14-2017)

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