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This build includes everything added to the project over the past 30 days, including the menu and logo art by WavingPeople, Mythalore, Cheeseness, and JenniBee, dialog by kednar, etisdew, and jennibee, character art by kednar, JenniBee, and lightsoda, background art by kednar, JenniBee, lightsoda, and Cheeseness, coding by JenniBee and flesk, music by JenniBee, and sound effects from kyle3wynn.

It uses the by Escoria point-and-click framework for Godot by Juan Linietsky, Ariel Manzur, incorporates pieces of Escoria in Daiza by Élisa de Castro Guerra, Cédric Gémy, Ariel Manzur, Camille "nylnook" Bissuel, Gaëtan "Reptifur" Hilt, Adrien "Kooda" Ramos, and uses the Tuffy Bold font by Thatcher Ulric, Karoly Barta, and Michael Evans and the Open Sans font by Steve Matteson and Google.


Use the left mouse button to perform most actions. In some scenes, the left mouse button can be used to look at items. Clicking on an item in the main hub area (the nursing home) will take you to other scenes. Once you've found the main object in that scene, you'll be taken back to the hub.

Known Issues

  • Scenes are a work in progress, and may contain puzzles that will change in later releases and work in progress art.

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May 12, 2017

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